Welcome To Bain Wellness Services. Our empanelled Doctors are associated with Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, AMRI Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, ILS Hospital, Calcutta Heart Clinic & Hospital, Divine Nursing Home, Nightingale Hospital, Rameswara Nursing Home, Mediview Nursing Home, Repose Nursing Home, Woodlands Hospital, R N Tagore IICS.



1.1      Bain Wellness Services (hereinafter “Company”) and the Member or Sponsor (as the case may be; “Member” and “Sponsor” meaning as defined in the Member Terms and Conditions) (jointly referred to as “Parties” and individually as “Party”) shall not disclose, divulge and/or disseminate to any third party any Confidential Information (“Confidential Information” shall mean all information which is obtained/received during the Term (defined as the entire duration of provision of the Services (defined as the services specified in Schedule I in the Member Terms and Conditions) by the Company to the Member), including but not limited to the terms and conditions specified in the Member Terms and Conditions and all information concerning a party’s business transactions, technical and operational information and financial arrangements, whether or not such information has any commercial value). This obligation will not apply to Confidential Information, which is or becomes public knowledge through no fault of the parties hereto as well as Confidential Information, which the Parties hereto might be required to disclose under Applicable Law or by order of any Competent Authority.


1.2   The Company, however, may use services of partners and associates, and hence rely on the privacy norms followed by such partners and associates, for specific purposes like enabling geographic tracking, measurement and storage of personal information, electronic medical records for delivering services like MEAS and CMS or getting the Member admitted to a hospital or getting the Member checked by a registered medical practitioner etc. for which the Company may have to share Confidential Information of the Member with such partners and associates. The Member hereby grants specific and permanent consent to the Company for sharing certain personal information of the Member including his/her medical health records and other health related data of the Member (hereinafter “Member Data”) with such partners and associates


1.3   Subject to Paragraph 1.2 above, in the event any party hereto wants to disclose any Confidential Information, it shall take prior written consent of the other party and shall make only such disclosures as allowed by the other party. However, such consent shall not be required for disclosure of any Confidential Information that is already in the public domain or required by any court of law or other authorities under any Applicable Law. In such an event the disclosing party shall intimate the other party before making such disclosure.


1.4   Notwithstanding anything stated herein, the Member and the Sponsor, jointly and severally: 


              1.4.1  acknowledge and agree that in the course of providing the Services, the Company may use Member Data for the purposes of its own research and analytical purposes. Provided that the Company shall at all times treat such personal information of the Member as confidential and shall comply with the provisions of this Paragraph 1 in respect of such Member Data; and

              1.4.2  hereby grant to the Company, express consent to disclose such Member Data as is required to be disclosed by the Company to fulfil its obligations hereunder, on a need to know basis, as the Company may at its sole discretion deem fit.


Pl note: The Privacy Policy (“Confidentiality”) laid out above is part of the Member Terms & Conditions and should be read along with it. All references to the Member Terms and Conditions shall include references to the Member Terms and Conditions as it may, from time to time, be amended or modified and available at www.bainwellnessservices.org. 

Terms & Condition:-


·         BWS here only to guide and help its member regarding health care and general insurance as a facilitator. BWS is only assistance based service provider for the convenience of its member and thus has no relation with any treatment or clinical check up and/or surgeries and other services like pathology service, elderly care service, physiotherapy service etc.

·         You agree to being contacted by BWS and its representatives through Phone, Email and SMS, in spite of being registered in the National DNC/DND list.

·         BWS reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make improvements to, or correct any error or omissions in, any portion of any offers floated by BWS and update information from time to time.

·         Family includes – immediate Family Member (Father, Mother, spouse, unmarried children). Other dependent can be included subject to the approval by BWS.  

·         BWS has no responsibility towards any opinion / prescription given by the doctor/s and the same is totally at the risk and responsibility of the member availing the said service.

·         BWS has no responsibility and/or liability of any kind whatsoever in case of change in appointment time and/or date of any of its member by the concerned doctor and same services are strictly subject to availability of the doctor.

·         BWS has no responsibility and/or liability of any kind of emergency service like ambulance, doctor, Nurse & ayah and same services are subject to availability.

·         Neither BWS nor its associate’s Service Provider shall be obliged to provide any services otherwise than in compliance with applicable laws. BWS shall not be responsible for any claims arising out of technical failures which shall include failure in telephone lines, failure of servers, or failure to provide correct updates due to technical snags at any time. Further, BWS shall not be responsible for any claims arising out of any failure(s) which are beyond the control of BWS.

·         The principle service providers reserve the right to change/modify the rates of their services without prior notice to the member(s). 

·         Neither BWS nor its associates Service Provider shall assume any liability or responsibility for any claims, damages, consequences and/or orders of any statutory bodies or consumer forums not arising from any default or negligence on the part of BWS or the relevant Medical Service Provider, as the case may be.

·         This privilege card will be renewed for reactivation in every subsequent year within fifteen days from the expiry of the validity. Falling which the card will be treated as permanently cancelled or inactive. If the member likes to reactivates the inactive card an amount of Rs.50/- will be charged extra.

·         In case you lost your privilege card, you can get a duplicate card by paying an amount of Rs.100/- only.


·         In case of any dispute arising out is subject to exclusively jurisdiction of the courts at Kolkata only.